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HORIBA fluid pH meter

Code: Horiba-ph-22

A great measuring instrument that is small in size and requires a small amount of sample. A unique sensor allows viscous fluids, solids and even powder samples to be measured. Just top up a few drops of the sample on the flat sensor. Measuring with this tool saves you time and prevents sample waste. Equipped with a unique ion selective sensor. A special design that allows you to carry it even in your pocket. The sensor is interchangeable. Only 0.05 ml of the sample is required for the test. The flat surface of the measuring instrument shall be easy to clean.

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Size164 × 29 × 20mm
Required sample quantity, ml0,1 (0,05 with sampling sheet B)
Measurement range0.00-14.00 pH, ±650mV
Unit0,01 pH
Accuracy± 0,01 pH, 1mV
Calibration points3
Protection classIP67
Operating temperature5°C - 40°C
Operating humidity≥ 85%
Technical drawing
HORIBA fluid pH meter
Code: Horiba-ph-22